Why Letterpress?

Why Letterpress?

A common question that we get from our audience who are first re-introduced to letterpress printing, a printing dated as early as the 1400s is why the cost and time involved in using this printing technique vs the other printing methods (e.g. offset & digital printing) available?

Although we do offer other printing methods in our line of services @ The Gentlemen's Press, we strongly believe that when the budget allows letterpress printing comes most synonymous with a good quality print.

So what is letterpress printing? Simply put, it is a relief printing method whereby ink is being applied to a printing plate with raised surface before it is pressed over a paper media.  Thought it is a labour-intensive process, letterpress printing is able to provide a tactile impression on the final product with clean crisp lines which other printing method is unable to provide.

Coupled with good quality paper and other production methods e.g. foiling, it has given us the capability to produce the best paper product for our customers.

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